I sometimes feel that we as a profession are losing track of what the main aim is. The majority of our work should aimed at keeping existing patients healthy mainly be regular monitoring and advice. Clearly we all see the occasional new patient where are aims should be to assess, advise and support them towards the “state” they want to be in and then to add them to our list of existing patients who we are constantly monitoring as above.

I get the impression that there are some, quite vociferous voices, who believe that our profession is about everyone aiming to maximise profit, maximise the number of new patients, maximise their own personal wealth and maximise the number and complexity of new supa-dupa state of the art treatments they are offering,

In fact, there seems to be a desire to get the average dentist as far away from what s/he was, as bankers are from what the average bank manager was 20 years ago. Do we really want to joining in the free-for-all that has got Europe and the western world into the economic mess that it is?

Why can’t we be happy with our lot?

How much money do you need to be happy?

So what is our reality check about? It’s about sitting back and assessing what is important in our lives. I have a personal mantra – I care, I believe, I thrive. The first thing we, and especially all in the health profession should sign up to, is caring. We should care about our family, our friends, our colleagues and our patients. Secondly, we must believe that we can do anything we want to if we put our mind to it but believe that whilst talking to others we must believe in what we are personally doing. If we do these to I DO THINK that we will thrive.

As a Meerkat would say, “Simple”.