Strengths, weaknesses and enjoying what you do.

I am sure many if not all of you reading this post will be aware of a SWOT analysis  (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats) that many a coach will tell to do for yourself.

If we did a SWOT or actually just a strengths v weaknesses analysis of all the staff in a dental  practice who do you believe would appear to be best suited to actually run the practice? I  would put money it not being the practice owner in 100% of cases. Dentists/practice owners  run practices purely because many, many years ago the GDC decided that they were  the ‘responsible adult” in all this and thus their neck needed to be on the block.

That was fine 30/40 years ago when running a practice consisted of treating your patients  under the NHS system mainly by doing fillings or extractions and where the admin took  up 1% of your time. Fast forward to 2012 where running a practice in today’s environment  especially with the raft of rules, regulations, CQC, staff welfare etc. are on top of massively increased treatment options. Is it still the dentist and only the dentist who is best  suited to running the practice? In some cases yes, but in many cases no.

One of the things we aim to do at Future Health Partnership is to fully understand the strengths and weaknesses of the whole team. The skill is then about allocating work according to the strengths of each individual thus allowing them to do more of what they are best at and probably enjoy. It is also not about trying to force someone to improve on their weaknesses but rather, once they are identified, finding ways around them or by allocating tasks to others.

We like to believe that we bring a sense of relief to former practice owners who can actually get back to enjoying treating their patients and hand some of the more time consuming aspects of running the practice over to others. With the extra time, they could then either spend even more time with their patients or have more time away from the practice.