As the practice owner it means we will transfer your ownership to all of your employees. From that point you will continue to be an owner involved in running your practice, you will simply have exchanged individual ownership for shared ownership.

As well as the one-off Upfront financial reward, you will continue to enjoy the benefits-financial and otherwise-of playing a critical role in delivering high quality and effective dental care.

In fact, our model will enable you to spend more time doing what you hopefully enjoy most-spending time treating patients. It will significantly reduce the amount of time you currently need to spend dealing with the increasing burdens that come with running a practice.

What is fundamentally important is that this change will not just benefit you.

In transferring your practice, all of your staff will become partners in Future Health Partnership and will be rewarded for their part in helping to care for your patients. Being a partner means every individual will be an employee owner with an actual stake in the wider business.

We believe that this gives healthcare businesses the necessary structure to move forwards in delivering the highest quality healthcare with motivated and enthusiastic team members.

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