The brochure addresses the following key areas:

  1. What is our Proposal?
  2. Who are Future Health Partnership?
  3. Who do we want to join us?
  4. What is our partnership approach?
  5. What will this mean to you?

The issue of ‘what will this mean to you?’ Is one of the most common questions we are asked. As a practice owner coming into FHP means you will share your ownership with all your employees. You will continue to be an owner involved in the running of your practice and you will simply exchange individual ownership for shared ownership.

As well as the financial compensation you will continue to enjoy the benefits, financial and otherwise, of playing a critical role in delivering highly effective healthcare.

The key role of an FHP practice is to:

  • Drive up the quality of care offered to patients.
  • Provide an improved working environment for clinicians and their team.
  • Support a more sustainable future for dentistry and the wider healthcare industry.

Quality of care is driven up because the financial targets and ‘managing by spreadsheet’ formula is replaced with one of shared ownership, agreement and cooperation. This provides the better working environment as it allows the clinicians to return to what they trained to do… To deliver high-quality dental care.

Because FHP can never be sold and is run to exist in perpetuity for all current and future staff it provides a more sustainable future for dentistry and healthcare.

Please do take a few moments to read through our brochure and when you’re ready, give us a call to discuss your future in Future Health Partnership.