Employee ownership rewards your staff for helping you get where you are today, shares the profits between yourself and the staff whilst maintaining your current income – clever huh!

Once a practice joins FHP it benefits from a strong leadership team that helps your business in the way that is right for your business… we don’t have corporate KPIs and targets for you to meet. You do what’s right for you, your team and your local patients – not what’s right for external share holders… because we don’t have any!

If you fancy a chat about this revolutionary new way of running a healthcare business, that’s gaining momentum with the government (yep, the government recognises the benefits of employee ownership – just think about the potential in that for a moment and what it means for the future) then please do give us a call on our free phone number 08000 789 402

Here’s the proof about what the government says – just think about the implications for a moment for the future provision of healthcare in the UK!:

Action to boost employee ownership sector approved