The new colours and logo are now live on the website and Facebook page, but what do they mean and why is this important to us?

If you’ve ever been through a branding process for your dental practice you will know that is not just a simple case of picking a random logo and colours and just using them-they need to convey meaning, but what is our meaning?

As an organisation which has no external shareholders (all employees are partners in the company) we wanted to have a logo which represented the welcoming and embracing nature of the Future Health Partnership, whenever any dental practice joins us it really is like becoming part of a big family. All of the new staff members become partners with existing staff members in other practices, and as such they lose the title of ‘staff’ and become partners in something much bigger and better.

The overlapping blue and green swooshes represent this welcoming and embracing philosophy that is so important to us as an organisation.

Whenever a practice joins Future Health Partnership they become part of a wider family, with all profits remaining within each practice and never been distributed to outside shareholders.

This makes Future Health Partnership a unique and friendly organisation to be part of as the reason for our existence is to provide the highest quality health care for our patients and ensure that our partners (formerly known as staff) enjoy their jobs and feel a sense of belonging… And all of this is done without the need for profits to go out to external shareholders. This makes for a more profitable company with those profits remaining with the people that helped to create them.

The new branding, we feel, really represents what we stand for as an organisation and we would sincerely like to thank Adam Hampson and his team from H&P Design. Adam provided for us a range of designs and helped us develop those designs into the final logo and branding that you see here today.

We’d like to say a huge thank you to Adam for all of his help and if you’re looking for a designer to help represent what your company is about, then do give Adam call.

T. 01159 215848
F. 01159 541148