Gwersyllt Dental Care near Wrexham is now part of Future Health Partnership an innovative employee owned company that intends to put patients and employees at the heart of dental practices, by allowing the whole dental team to run and manage their own business.

Employee Ownership

Employee ownership is synonymous with businesses such as John Lewis Partnership, that are known for the quality of their customer service and the Future Health Partnership is the first employee owned company to follow this model. Employee ownership through the Future Health Partnership provides dental practice owners an alternative to selling their businesses outright to a new private owner or a corporation and empowers all of the employees with the ability to deal with each other and their patients as they choose.

Speaking at the official transfer of his business to its employees Dr Guest commented “Employee ownership is something that I have been aware of for many years but I just didn’t know where to start. When I heard about the Future Health Partnership, I realised that there was an immediate fit for myself, my employees and our patients. I have a real sense of doing the right thing and giving something back to everybody that is associated with Gwersyllt Dental Care”.

The Founders

Founding partner Dr Simon Gallier created the Future Health Partnership after becoming disenchanted with corporate dentistry and believing that it no longer serves the demands of patients and employees as well as it should. Dr Gallier was inspired by research including the Department for Business Innovation and Skills own report into the advantages of employee ownership, which concluded that it improves business performance, long term stability and customer focus.

The Future Health Partnership are already talking to numerous healthcare businesses and believe that the evidence provided by the successful transfer of ownership at Gwersyllt Dental Care will show the way for forward for other healthcare professionals who are looking to create a legacy for their employees and patients.

The Future Health Partnership was founded by Simon Gallier, Mark Oborn and Kevin Rose and is the first employee owned dental business in the UK.

For more information contact:

Kevin Rose Press and Public Information Partner 07794 122395