So many of us have been negatively impacted by the modern-day regulator, where common sense has been replaced by a strait-jacket of regulation. These regulations are thought up mainly by people who are not actually impacted by the regulations they introduce and enforce, and therefore tend to miss their target.

The pendulum seems to have swung from the admitted excesses of the rulers/bosses of the Victorian era to the now cloud cuckoo land of the “do-gooders”. The insidious nature of the quangos that have grown up, for example around the NHS, is slowly bringing dentistry in the UK to its knees.

The professional quango hoppers who jump from one regulator to another and who appear to answer to no-one apart some faceless quango boss in Whitehall have effectively stifled the patient/clinician relationship.

So, a fight back is long overdue; but where will it start and who will lead it?

We are looking for a modern-day Robin Hood-type figure who can, and will, take on the task. Unlike Robin Hood, though, this will not be as easy as simply hiding in the woods with a bunch of like-minded individuals and ambushing the occasional quango when they are out looking for their next victim.

The new quangos are SO adept at their business that they have changed the law to side with them and gathered a number concurring organisations that they have persuaded to follow their line.

Doing nothing and accepting the status quo is no longer the answer. We need a modern-day hero.

If you know anyone up to the job please send me their details but, in the meantime, despite what I said above, I’m off to wander in Sherwood Forest in search of inspiration……