Shows that staff working in employee owned companies are happier, and more secure than workers without a stake in their company.

Fit for Work? Health and Wellbeing in Employee Owned Business” provides independent evidence on the impact of employee ownership on the health and wellbeing of employees. The study involved over 1000 direct interviews and compared to relevant national workforce surveys.

The results show a very high level of wellbeing and satisfaction amongst employee owners and are further strengthened when compared to the national Workplace Employee Relations Survey (WERS, carried out in 2004 when the economy was more buoyant) and the results are consistently more positive for staff in employee owned organisations than for the UK workforce as a whole.

Download “Fit for Work? Health and well-being of employees in employee owned businesses” / EOA Research Nov 2012

Download Full Research Report supporting “Fit for Work?” / Napier University for EOA, Sponsored by JLP Nov 2012

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